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In this page you will have the detailed information about the Paytm deposits on the sports betting sites. These days online transactions play a major role in the payments section on the betting websites. So the players need some trusted, safe and secured website in the payments method. In India, we have the most leading and the well used digital payment system Paytm. All over the country, Paytm has 100M+ downloads from the Play Store and on a monthly basis, 130 million users visit the Paytm website for regular transactions. As our focus is on payment ways for indian bookies in the sports betting industry, we will discuss the impact of paytm on this sector. Firstly, we will provide you with a list of bookmakers who accept paytm for deposits and withdrawals.

Which bookmakers accept paytm?

Majority of the betting sites in India use Paytm as the main transaction medium to provide an easy to bet atmosphere. Players can easily deposit and withdraw the funds using Paytm with faster processing times. Looking at Paytm’s popularity, the new and registered bookmakers tend to add this transaction medium as the primary one. The payments made through Paytm are always safe and secure and hence it is one of the best options chosen by the bookmakers.

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We will also give the best information about the paytm transactions and several other things to choose whether it is the best platform or not. Also, players can find out how to open the account and further steps about Paytm. We have made a list of the bookmakers that accept payments through Paytm in India. The given list is fully genuine and all the mentioned sports betting websites provide the paytm transactions.

All Bookmakers with Paytm
dafabet india logoDafabet Paytm
Ekbet BannerEkbet Paytm
betway sportsBetway Paytm
10 cric logo10CRIC Paytm
1xbet India1xBet Paytm
fun88 logo smallFun88 Paytm
melbet india logoMelbet Paytm
Betwinner LogoBetwinner Paytm
 rajbet logo smallRajbet Paytm

The above-mentioned sports betting bookmakers like betway, parimatch, 1xbet and others accept the paytm transactions. Every player can have safe and secured transactions using Paytm and if you have any issue while using it, the dedicated customer support team will help you out in favor.

How does Paytm work in detail?

Paytm can be used for free of cost. The transactions can be made online that accepts the Paytm transactions or you can pay the money at a retailer points by scanning the code from the app. To begin with, every user should give their debit card details, email address and other personal details for the transactions. Once the details you have given are approved then you can make your payments at any store, online shop, etc. For future payments using Paytm, you just need to enter the password and make the payments as the details have already been stored. There will be no extra charges for the payments you make, so you can use it at any place to perform the transactions at the quickest way possible.


To explain things better in a right way, take Betway which is one of the largest bookmakers in India providing excellent service to their players. In essence, you need to register the account with Betway and reach the deposit section to make your deposit. On your very first deposit you can also get the huge welcome bonus with the Paytm deposit.

Maybe in some countries due to different terms and conditions, there might be changes in Paytm transactions performed through the bookmakers, hence it would be advisable to check the T&C while making the deposits.

How secure is Paytm?

Speaking about the online transactions, one must be ascertained to find out the security while giving away your debit/credit card details. But Paytm has a secure data encryption algorithm that prevents third party hackers from accessing the sensitive information. Once the users enter their card details, the details will be encrypted through the payment gateway’s public key and with the help of this key, the data will be decrypted. So, in terms of security, Paytm stands on the top to keep the users data secure and users can do the deposits with utmost confidence. So not only the payments and transactions but also your saved details are also secured keeping the perfect balance.

How do I manage my Paytm account?

It is a very interesting point to use Paytm on the mobile version. The paytm mobile version is available on both Android and iOS versions. So you can easily access Paytm through the registered devices. All you need to do is to open the Play Store or App Store, search for Paytm and download the app for free of cost.

After successfully downloading Paytm, you can get to the account using your mobile number. Once you enter the phone number then it will verify the number through a secured message, once you retrieve the code and enter it, the system will give you an option to set up the password. While selecting any payment methods, it is important to go through the KYC verification. Once this has been achieved, you are unbeatable, make the transactions of your choice and enjoy the faster payment processing experience. Also, players can access their Paytm account by enabling Fingerprint ID or Face ID to keep the account more secure. Having these options will help you to access your accounts instantly and the transactions will be processed quickly.

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Seeing that Paytm is an assured digital payment method, all the bookmakers are offering Paytm as one of their main transaction mediums. Players can check their balances and do the regular transfers at their convenience. In all aspects, it is one of a few payment methods that keeps the users connected for day to day transactions.

How withdraw money from bookmakers via paytm

While looking at the payment options in any popular bookmakers, Paytm stands on the list. The other reason for the bookmakers to choose Paytm is its excellent interface which provides easy navigation for its users. It has got an elegant look and the options are well categorised so that players can reach the relevant section within a couple of clicks. These bookmakers have a large number of trusted users and to retain their trust, they need safe and secured transaction mediums. After going through a lot of research and the brand popularity, Paytm stood first as one the most trusted and secured payment method for regular transactions.

Betwinner Withdrawal

When you have successfully deposited the money in the bookmaker’s site and if you had some huge earnings, a transaction medium is required to withdraw the winning amount. Whether you would like to deposit or withdraw the funds, Paytm is one of the reliable platforms in both ways.

So to make a payment you need to visit the deposit section in any bookmakers site, then select Paytm as your desired transaction medium to add the amount of your choice. In the same way to withdraw the money, you need to have the minimum withdrawal balance according to the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. Unlike your deposit method, you have to visit the withdrawal section to take the money out of your account by following the simple on screen instructions.

Are there any fees on the withdrawal?

Majority of the bookmakers don’t charge any fees while withdrawing your earnings unless you cross the withdrawal limit, which is quite impressive. There are certain limitations for taking out your money from the account as each and every bookmaker has specific withdrawal terms and conditions. If your withdrawal amount reaches the daily limit then you will need to pay an additional fee. So it is important to check the withdrawal limits and if the withdrawal amount is within the limit, there is no necessity to pay any extra fees.

Moving forward, the players need to provide all the relevant documentation before and after doing the transactions on the bookmakers site. Upon completing the relevant checks, the transactions will happen in a smoother way without any issues.

Further information about Paytm

The term Paytm has an abbreviation “Pay Through Mobile” which ensures smoother mobile transactions. The company has landed its mark in August 2010 and its been 11 successful years in the Indian market without any flaws. Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder and CEO of Paytm . The revenue of the paytm is 3,187.6 crores INR ( US$420 million, 2021) and the total assets of the paytm is 9,150.7 crores ( US$1.2 billion, 2021). Paytm has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. One97 communications is the parent organization of Paytm.

Melbet Paytm

To conclude, Paytm has been a pioneer of digital payment systems in India delivering excellent services to all the Indian users. They are available in 11 different languages allowing players to choose their preferred language. Some of the services offered by them are In-store payments, mobile recharges, Utility bill payments, travel, hotel bookings and many more. As per the recent reports, over 20 million merchants in India are using QR code payment system through which users can scan the code from the app to make the payments. This type of system is definitely an effective medium during the covid period, allowing players to perform contactless payments.