Dafabet withdrawal

This page is a clear analysis on how to withdraw money from dafabet India. After in-depth research, this page brings what any bettor would be looking in to bet with any bookmaker and about withdrawing the money from their betting account.

Dafabet Payment

Below, we have info on withdrawal methods, withdrawal time, and fees. Players need to do dafabet login, proceed to complete the KYC verification. Once the KYC verification has been done, the bettors are eligible to do withdrawals from the bookie. As a heads-up, check the Dafabet deposits page for more info on the bookie deposit methods and payment limits too.

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The bookie doesn’t allow players to do any kind of withdrawal before completing the Dafabet KYC verification for Indian customers. Players would be able to withdraw the preferred amount from their betting account once all the roll over requirements has completed. For some specific withdrawals, players are required to provide certain identification for a successful transaction.

After submitting a withdrawal request, it might take a couple of hours for the CS team to verify user details. Upon getting the account confirmation and verified details, players can only do the withdrawals successfully.

How to withdraw money from Dafabet India?

Any withdrawal process is not so hard as it seems so, withdrawals are most fast, safe and secure too. Do the dafabet login, and then navigate to the transactions tab, It is where all the information of the betting payments details are kept available. Through the dafabet payment section, players can check the history tab for all their account transactions history.

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Speaking about the withdrawals procedure, once the player is in the Transaction section, they have to select the payout method first and then enter the specific amount to withdraw. The withdrawal limit changes per account so the player must make sure the details before inputting the amount. The next step is to click on withdraw tab and if the bookie asks the user has to enter the KYC details.

The amount will be in the player’s account depending on the payment method he/she chooses. In the below, we have clear information on the dafabet withdrawal time, limits, and also the charges on the withdrawals by the bookmaker. Players can keep track of their deposits and withdrawal requests by clicking the banking button and choosing the Transaction History screen from the cashier section.

How to withdraw money using the dafabet app?

Dafabet is one of the well known online betting sites in the betting industry due to their impressive interface and hosting a lot of sports betting events on the site. The players can enjoy bonuses, offers and all the available features in the dafabet app. The app is available on the website (as apk download link) and can also be downloaded from the App store and Play store.

Players can also easily make withdrawals using the dafabet apk through all the available payment methods. The user can choose their favourite monetary medium in order to process the withdrawals. One of the main advantage of having the app is that the players can get all the necessary updates regarding the upcoming tournaments and game slots via the dafabet app.

dafabet withdrawals terms and conditions

  • Withdrawal processing time varies from method to method.
  • Players need to do the dafabet Login and click on the Banking button to make the withdrawal.
  • It is imperative that the account should have sufficient funds before initiating a withdrawal.
  • For any other query, there is 24/7 Live Chat Support for assistance or as a helpline.


  1. Players need to take into account the bank working days in case of bank transfers and also the working hours for prompt payment.
  2. Withdrawal requests are considered “pending” until the bookie starts processing the transactions.
  3. Be advised that if any deposits/withdrawals are to be processed through credit card or e-wallet accounts, these accounts must show the same personal details as provided in user account registration. No third-party transactions will be allowed.

Withdrawal options in India 2022

This particular section describes the different withdrawal methods that the dafabet has and most importantly the withdrawal time which has been the most sorted FAQ in recent times. As mentioned earlier, betting is allowed only after the player completes the KYC verification for Indian customer details. The maximum and minimum withdrawal limit is though not available from the official site most of the e-wallet methods have the same sort of limits and fees too.

Dafabet Skrill Withdrawals

These details are about the withdrawals done from Dafabet to Skrill and once a player does the withdrawal using Skrill, the bookmaker takes usually 72 hours maximum to get the money to the user’s account.

Dafabet Neteller withdrawals

Dafabet Neteller Withdrawals can be made only if the player deposit via the Neteller method. The transfer from Neteller to Skrill is not possible and vice versa the same. The withdrawal time using Neteller will be fast and within 2 hours mostly.

Though it depends on the time of deposit by the users and the banking hours, the bookie’s customer support is always there to reply to queries or complaints. If the player sends the payment screenshot then it would be easier for them to track down the payment info quickly.

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Dafabet bank transfer withdrawals

The bookie accepts all kinds of Indian and International banks to process the transactions onto your betting account. Within India, not many banks accept transfers from betting and gambling sites. The other drawback is the processing time as it takes about 5 working days, which is a huge delay at times. Hence the Dafabet bank transfer withdrawals are not the most preferred method by the players.

Dafabet credit and Debit card Withdrawals

The Dafabet credit card and debit card methods used are some of the most opted payout methods. The situation is different now with the new RBI guidelines. Sometimes the banks may ask for the source of funds and the deposits might get blocked too. The debit and credit card transactions withdrawals are now the last preferred method from the players point of view.

Can I use a credit card to withdraw the funds?

Yes, you can withdraw the amount using a credit and make sure the same card has to be used for depositing the funds.

Do dafabet offers live chat support?

Yes, players can contact the customer support via live chat which is available 24/7.

What is the processing time to complete a Neteller withdrawal?

It will take up to 2 hours to complete a withdrawal using Neteller.

Do players need to identify themselves to complete a withdrawal?

At times dafabet will ask the players to provide a proof of identity for completing a withdrawal.