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In this digitalized world today, online card transactions has become a trend and easier way to process the funds. Ekbet is offering numerous betting payment methods which includes Debit card too. Ekbet Debit card payments are safe and all the financial, personal data while transferring the funds are secured with an encrypted technology. Now, the players can simple make the ekbet deposits via debit card and place the bets on their favorite sports events in India.

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All the existing players can directly deposit the funds into the ekbet account via debit card whereas the new players must initially sign-up with the bookmaker to deposit the funds. The players can easily register with the bookmaker via main website by clicking on the “Join now” option. Including this, to know info on more payment methods offered by bookmaker such as ekbet credit card, kindly have a look at our page.

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How to deposit in Ekbet debit card payment method

Among all the payments methods utilized in India, debit card has been considered as one of the most commonly used transactions mediums. The players can transfer the funds using ekbet debit card in seconds and here is the complete detailed information on ekbet debit card procedure:

  1. Login to the ekbet account via mobile app/mobile version or from the main website.
  2. Click on the “Deposit guide” on the bottom of the main page.
  3. Select the “Debit card” in the payment method list.
  4. Fill in all the required card details such as name on the card, CVV, account number etc.
  5. Enter the amount to deposit and click on the “Send” option at bottom of the page.
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Information on how to withdraw the funds from ekbet debit card

Similar to the deposit process, the betting players can also make ekbet withdrawal via debit card. The mandatory point to be noted while making the withdrawal via debit card is the same card details must be used to withdraw the funds which were used for the deposits. All the information on how to make the ekbet debit card withdrawal is explained in the following section:

  1. Open the ekbet main website and do the ekbet login.
  2. Click on the “Withdrawals” page on the bottom of main page.
  3. Select the “Debit card” and fill in all the details.
  4. Enter the amount to withdraw and click on “Send” option to complete the process.

Terms and conditions of the Ekbet debit card payment method

Ekbet is a trust worthy and one of the leading betting websites in India offering many betting payment methods. The Ekbet debit card payment methods terms and conditions are explained in the following section which helps in making the ekbet payments on the website:

  1. Ekbet accepts all types of Indian debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard etc.
  2. Same debit card details must be used for both deposits and withdrawals as players can only be able to withdraw the funds back to the same card.
  3. The players must be above 18 years old to place the bets and make deposits on the website.
  4. The debit card details filled while making the transactions must be genuine and original.
  5. General Ekbet terms and conditions are applied.
ekbet debit card deposits


1. What is the minimum deposit for ekbet debit card?

The minimum deposit amount that any player can do on the site is 1000 INR.

2. What is processing time required to complete a deposit using credit card?

The deposits made to the account are always instant, will credit the account immediately.

3. What credit cards are being accepted by ekbet?

Ekbet accepts most of the popular credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard to run transactions on the site.

4. Do Ekbet have a betting app?

Yes, Ekbet app is available in both Android and IOS versions.

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