Payment methods for Indian betting sites

The payment methods for the Indian betting sites page give complete information on the deposits and withdrawals information on the best Indian payment options. This special page will give a clear understanding of all the modern deposit methods that are available in the current scenario.

This is a well-structured and analyzed page that came in after a lot of digging into all the online bookmakers’ methods for betting deposits in India. The main features of this page are detailed below.


Our current top bookie
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1xbet betting payments

  • Info on payment methods for Indian betting sites
  • E-wallet Payment Methods for betting in India.
  • Instructions on fees, processing times, and Limits.
  • Indian betting payment options.

The most popular deposit method is one for each bookmaker and one method that they are experts in and gaining popularity too. In below, we have the top 6 payment methods from Indian betting sites.

Our top 6 betting payment types
bet365 logo smallbet365 PayTm
betway sportsbetway UPI
ekbet india logoekbet PayTm
dafabet india logodafabet credit card
1xbet India1xbet visa
melbet india logoMelbet master card

A bookmaker analysis as per our experts should have a complete analysis on the bookie betting events, payment types, customer support, and app feature too. Out of all these, the Indian deposit methods are the main feature that we focus on on this site and the main reason is to provide as much detailed info on all the available Indian betting payment options.

We bring all the latest digital payments and some clear facts on the Paypal transactions, the rise of UPI transactions, etc. Not only about the deposits, but we have a special page for every payment method for each and every sports betting site, the withdrawals page, and also the special bookie deposit options page too.

Info on Indian betting deposit Methods

The sportsbook bettors are always in search of a good payment option that offers all the access such as low fees, quick processing times, high deposit and withdrawal limits, and any other features. With a lot of restrictions for betting and gambling under RBI guidelines, many banks don’t allow these betting transactions. So, in the below, we brought some different and new-age digital betting payment methods in India.

betting deposit methods

For example, PAYPAL, which is one of the best choices but doesn’t work the same in India as the legal regulations change in India. So, the main options are Neteller, Skrill, debit cards, credit cards, etc. We have some information on new-age Indian payment options like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.


Paypal is one of the trustworthy third-party payment gateways and also has services with bookmakers around the world. But, coming to Indian online sports betting, they would like to follow RBI guidelines. So, it’s not the wise option to choose, as it takes the bettors nowhere instead we focus on the ones which can yield through safe and sound payment methods for betting in India. So, we mentioned some more Indian betting payments.

  Best e-wallet betting methods
Payment TypeNetellerSkrillPayPal
Processing TimeInstantInstant
ChargeFreeFree –

Neteller India Review

Neteller is one of the most preferred deposit options in India. It is one of the fast payment processing sources among the third party or e-wallet methods. The first and good thing is it accepts Indian customers and Indian currency. It also accepts payments from almost all sorts of debit cards and Credit card payments, which makes it easier for the bettors too.

There are no legal restrictions on playing through Neteller India with Gambling sites, any funds from Neteller can be withdrawn to the bank accounts no matter the source of funds, until and unless they specify within the maximum withdrawal limits.

bet365 deposits

Skrill India Review

There are many FAQs from the Indian bettors before choosing out the Skrill deposit method for betting sites in India. We have a special where we mentioned all aspects that make sure using skrill is safe and reliable in India. Skrill is one of the most trusted payment options.

Skrill which is another e-wallet method from Pay Safe Group has been one of the most trusted methods too. Customers in India can’t do the Skrill to Skrill or Skrill to NETeller transfer but the rest of the other activities can be safely and securely performed.

Debit Card and Credit Cards

Debit Cards and Credit Card payments are some of the oldest forms of Indian deposit methods. The cards used to be one of the most preferred methods too, just before the take over of the digital revolution in India.

Since 2013 there has been a lot of UPI payments that have been more secure and safe too. The good thing about using these cards is the fast processing time, no fees, and also high deposit limits too. Most of the banks still accept betting payments or transactions done indirectly.

RuPay Card

It is another card that has been launched by NPCI, users can avail of a card from 3 different types. Using these cards they can deposit directly, or use some other payment gateway. The main reason being that some banks don’t allow usage of debit cards/ credit cards or net banking for gambling and betting activities. So far, the RuPay card doesn’t have any limitations regarding this. So, we might have one more good payment method for Indian betting sites.

UPI Payment Methods

UPI payment methods are the current and most trending methods for Indian betting deposit methods. The UPI payments are the most popular and trending deposit method by the Indian bettors for a couple of years. Compared to Bank cards or any other forms, this particular payment method is far more secure and safe too.

Using this bettors can send or receive money from sports betting or online casino revenues. As of now, the RBI guidelines don’t apply to any online gambling transaction revenues. Since some banks are avoiding this type of transfer or deposits, the UPI payment methods have started to barge in and it is a breakthrough success for many bettors.

paytm betting methods deposits


Paytm has brought the necessary and much-needed change to the Indian digital revolution. Almost all the betting sites accept Paytm as their Payment deposit methods, bookies like betway, etc have given more prominence to the e-wallet methods in Indian betting payments.

The thought of paying no fees, no currency exchange hassles anymore. No need to wait for hours or any point of time for the money to get deposited. All one needs to do is open a Paytm account, do the KYC verification, and then start doing the betting payments.


PhonePe is launched in 2015, which is a digital platform for making online transactions and acts as an e-wallet method. The app currently has like 200 million users just in India and is available in 11 languages so far. They are licensed under the NPCI and follow the RBI guidelines, So they are safe and secure too.

PhonePe is already among many betting sites’ deposit methods, and many are in the process of getting it done. The sportsbook markets are looking at the 200 million user reach that the PhonePe sources have, it is one of the attractive digital payment betting methods in India.


As soon as RBI made the CryptoCurrency transactions acceptable in the Indian economy, the sportsbook companies and the bettors have started operating under the bitcoins. Bitcoin is the revolutionary digital money that has been doing rounds among the Financial economy and currently, it is one of the most transacted forms of betting deposit methods. Most of the best bookmakers in India have started accepting CryptoCurrency.