10Cric Debit Card Deposits

10cric is one of the reputed online gambling bookmakers that provides various betting products and events for all Indian users. The bookmaker is also providing different Indian betting payment methods to the players which are feasible to transfer the funds. On this specific page, all the information on the debit card method is explained clearly with all the required information.

10cric debit card payment

On this dedicated page, the user can check 10cric debit card withdrawal limits and 10Cric visa debit option conditions. Also, a clear process on how to make the 10cric deposits and withdrawals with step-by-step procedures. Including this, there is also information on all the financial factors such as processing time, transaction fee, etc. Also, Compare the 10cric credit card method to this option and find which suits you better.


In today’s world of monetary cards, the debit card plays a vital role and it is also the most commonly used method by players. It is so simple to use these cards for the 10cric transactions. The foremost step to be followed here is to undergo the 10cric verification process. This is a general and mandatory verification procedure for all the players on the site where they need to submit a few financial and personal details to the bookmaker. In case of any failure in providing these documents, the players will not be able to bet on the site.

10cric debit card deposit options in India

The 10cric deposits via debit card payment method are an easy and secure process. As the user’s privacy and data is a high priority, the bookmaker makes sure it is a high end to end encrypted technology-based channel to make the transactions. A clear procedure is explained below on how to transfer the funds via debit cards:

  1. Open the main page of the 10cric website.
  2. Login to the account with the necessary credentials.
  3. Scroll down and click on the “Payment methods” option on the bottom left of the page.
  4. Select the “Deposits” section.
  5. Select the “Debit card” as the payment type.
  6. Enter all the necessary card details such as card number, name, CVV, expiry date, etc.
  7. Enter the required amount and complete the process.

The minimum deposit amount to make a debit card payment in 10cric is 300 INR. There is no fee charged and all the transactions are instant. So, the funds are transferred immediately to the account. If the user finds any difficulties while making the transactions or is unable to process the funds, then the user can reach out to the bookmaker for further help.

Debit card deposits through 10Cric app India

The 10cric apk is one of the leading betting apps in India allowing players to access a wide range of amazing betting features. All the fun-filled games, bonuses, promotional offers are available in this app. The players can download the 10cric app by simply clicking on the apk download link on the main website or can also download from the mobile device. The app is available for both the 10Cric android app and iOS devices too.

The users can make online deposits and withdrawals via the 10cric app by choosing their favourite payment methods such as debit card transactions. The 10 cric debit card transactions are very quicker and easier which makes the player betting journey fun while watching the matches.

10cric debit card deposit terms

To play the betting on this site, these are the terms that a user must follow:

  • The player must be above 18 years of age. This is to ensure a safe gambling environment on the site.
  • All the personal and financial details submitted while registering the account must match with the details while making the transactions.
  • The debit card details of the deposits and withdrawals must be the same.
  • Only one account is issued under the same name, family, id proof, etc.

10cric debit card withdrawal methods

10cric is allowing the users to withdraw the funds via debit card. This is an easy and secure process. The user can follow the below step by step procedure on how to make 10Cric withdrawal on the website:

  • Visit the official site from 10cric App or PC.
  • Do the 10Cric login and enter the required details.
  • Click on the “Payment methods” option which is located on the bottom left of the page.
  • Choose the “Withdrawals” section.
  • Here, select the “Debit card” as the option.
  • Fill in all the necessary card details such as name, card number, expiry date, CVV, etc.
  • Enter the required amount and complete the process.

The vital point to be noticed here, the user needs to enter the same card details while transferring the funds from the 10cric account which were used at the time of deposit. Because the funds will be redirected to this same account. Hence, it is always necessary to confirm the card details before making the transactions.

About the financial factors, the users will not be charged any fee for these transactions. A player can make a minimum withdrawal of 1000 INR via debit card. It is an instant process, so the funds will be transferred to the user’s account immediately without any delay. If there are any issues while making these transactions, the user can reach out to the 24/7 live chat support which is available on the site.


  1. Does 10Cric accepts all types of bank cards?

    Yes, 10Cric accepts all types of popular bank debit cards to deposit and withdraw the funds.

  2. What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts on 10cric using debit card?

    The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are 1000 INR and 3,00,000 INR.

  3. Can players do the app deposits on 10cric?

    Yes, all the deposits can be made using 10Cric app.

  4. What is the age criteria to create an account?

    Players must be 18 years and above in order to create an account.